Traveling During Retirement?

Ways You Can Save:

Take the train! Now that you’re retired consider more extended modes of transportation. Taking the train, for example, is not only a unique and absorbing way to travel, but it can also be cost-effective.

Take advantage of flexible travel dates. Another benefit of retirement is having more flexibility with your travel plans and the dates you depart and return. This flexibility gives you the chance to take advantage of discounts.

Travel off-season. Experts suggest traveling April through June and September through October. Notice these dates are the opposite of those who work or are raising families. You’ll save when you can travel during off-season dates.

Ask for a discount. Seniors often get discounts at hotels, restaurants, transportation companies and on special tour or sightseeing packages. It never hurts to find ask, and the savings are worth it.

Consider a house swap. There are sites where can take advantage of a house swap. You exchange your home for theirs for the duration of your travel plans. Visit websites like Home Link and Home Exchange to learn more.