Tips For Managing A Checking Account

Post date: 6/1/22
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One of the biggest favors you can do for yourself is to track your money – and understand where you are financially — every day. Does it sound tiresome? Maybe. But in reality, you gain more financial freedom.

Monitor your Checking Account daily using Online and Mobile Banking.

The benefits are two-fold: You make better purchase decisions by obtaining an accurate picture of your balances. And, if funds aren’t where they should be, you can forgo the extra purchase, make a deposit, or transfer from savings into checking. By verifying your Checking Account balance, you can also avoid unnecessary overdraft or transfer fees.

Enroll in alerts.

This feature is available in Online Banking and notifies you when balances reach a specific amount. If you receive an alert showing your checking account balance is too low, you know it’s time to make a transfer or deposit.

Sign up for eStatements, eNotices, and eAlerts.

View your statement history within Online or Mobile Banking — anytime — with up to 18 months of history available. eNotices are also presented electronically and may include overdraft notifications and late payment information. eAlerts help you to track balance levels, make better purchase decisions, and allow you to watch for fraud. These services can provide a precise picture of your finances for enhanced money management.

Stay in control of your money!

Learn more about our Online and Mobile Services here or call or text 616.532.9067 for money management tips. Being in control of your money is the ultimate benefit.