Take a stand against identity thieves this spring!

Nicer weather means finding time to be outside and enjoying the activities you’ve been missing. Before you get caught up with your favorite spring-time happenings, take a minute to ensure you’re doing everything to prevent identity thieves from stealing your data.

Of course, they’re hoping you don’t! But if you can stay a step ahead, you can win the battle. Steps to take:

  • Follow account balances, watch your debit and credit card transactions. If you suspect something unusual, contact us right away.
  • Direct Deposit. Have your incoming deposits made through direct deposit. This eliminates the potential of a lost or stolen check.
  • ATM Access. Be comfortable with the ATM’s location, and if it’s night-time, make sure it’s well-lit and easily accessible.
  • Avoid Carrying Cash. When traveling, use your credit union debit or credit card instead. Transactions are protected, and there is no chance of losing your cash.
  • eStatements & Alerts. These tools help you to monitor your accounts and balance information – so you can watch for fraudulent activity. They can also assist with spending decisions when you’re traveling.
  • Credit Card Benefits. When traveling, using your First United CU credit card is convenient and can help you to reserve hotel rooms and rental cars. Also sign up for our mobile card control options – which lets you turn your card on and off.
  • Mobile Banking. Monitor your account activity, make payments, view transaction history and more. Consider our new mobile card control options – for both your debit and credit cards.
  • Online Banking. Convenient and easily accessible from any hotel room or location with internet access. Stay in touch with your money, pay bills, make transfers and stay up-to-date on all your credit union news.