Summer Safety Tips

Keeping your data safe is essential, especially during this busy time of year.

At First United Credit Union, we take every measure possible to ensure your transactions stay secure. Our systems offer the greatest encryption levels possible, and our vendor-partners undergo a meticulous approval process. We also provide thorough and ongoing security training to all employees.

Still, during these busy summer months, one of the best things you can do is to stay vigilant and take some extra precautions:

  • Sign up for Direct Deposit, eStatements, and alerts – all will protect your accounts and save you time.
  • Monitor your transactions and balances with Online and Mobile Banking. If vacationing, track purchases to ensure your data hasn’t fallen into the wrong hands.
  • Use your First United CU Debit Card or Credit Card rather than carrying substantial amounts of cash.
  • When you need to withdraw cash from an ATM, be selective with the locations you choose; select well-lit public areas to access your accounts. Never count your cash in open view.
  • If you’re at an ATM or gas pump and notice something unusual, perhaps a loose mechanism or clunky card reader, leave and find another location. These could be signs of a skimming device.
  • When entering your PIN, shield it with your hand to avoid thieves from viewing your information.
  • For all devices and online apps, change your passwords regularly, every 60 to 90 days. Use unique or more complex passwords. Try a blend of upper and lowercase letters and symbols; set up reminders to change your passwords consistently.
  • Keep on top of security notices and scams by visiting our website.
  • No matter the season or the reason, NEVER share personal information over the phone, by email, or by text message. Scammers continue to try and steal our information via phishing, and often it’s by direct contact with you.

Current Scam Alert:

We wanted to share a current scam experienced by several credit unions in the Detroit area (Novi, Clawson, and Royal Oak). The scam appears to be a coordinated effort to defraud these credit unions and/or members by making fraudulent transfers via their phone banking systems. The details involve the creation of a new account (with fraudulent ID), using the phone banking system to transfer funds from a target account into the newly-created fraudulent account, and then withdrawing these funds either in-branch or at an ATM. Phone transfers appear to be made from the same number: 586-823-2184.

Please be vigilant:

If contacted by someone claiming to be from the credit union (via phone, email, text, or social media) asking for your CU*Talk password, account number, or other personal information, please immediately end the contact.

We will never reach out to you and ask for information — and your security always comes first!

Vacation Tip

Use your Mobile App to turn your Debit and Credit Cards on or off and release new geographic areas when traveling. You can also contact our office at 616.532.9067 to update your information and let us know the dates you’ll be out of town. This will help protect your accounts and prevent declined transactions.