Smart Choices

How To Choose A Credit Card Right For You.

 Credit cards have been a way of American life since the 60s. We’ve used them for convenience, safety, and to establish credit. Today, reports there are more than 201 million credit card users in the U.S. alone.

When choosing a card, it pays to understand its features, benefits, and perhaps most importantly, the fine print. A seemingly good deal on the surface can carry unwanted fees, high APRs, and other negative consequences.

Consider all the benefits, including your credit limit. But to get the best value for your card, it’s wise to compare these items:

  1. Fees – Will you pay an annual fee for the use of the card? What are the late payment fees? Most providers charge a fee or may even increase your APR if you make a late payment. Are there monthly fees? Balance transfer fees?

Our card will help you to save with no monthly, annual, or balance transfer fees. Late payment fees are fair and never exorbitant.

  1. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) – This is the interest you pay for purchases and cash advances. Our card’s low fixed rate starts at just 8.99% APR, much lower than many other cards – including bank and department store cards.
  2. Rewards & Cash-Back – Will you earn rewards or cash-back? Can you redeem your points for a variety of items? Our cards offer a lucrative point or cash-back system redeemable for cash, gift cards, and travel awards.

Other factors to consider:

One is how you prefer to use your card. This includes your monthly spending habits and budget, buying needs, travel preferences, and if you tend to carry a balance (or not). Also, are you looking to earn rewards and pay off your balance monthly? Or do you tend to carry a balance and require a low APR? (Our cards offer a variety of choices!)

At First United Credit Union, we can tailor a Visa Credit Card to your unique needs – whether you want to earn rewards, cash-back, save with a low APR, or wish to establish or rebuild your credit.