Shopping With VISA®

Means Enhanced Security

Whether it’s a low fixed rate, points for purchases, or cash-back, we have the credit card you need. Along with choice and versatility, there is another common denominator: our cards offer superb security options. Your data stays safe, secure, and protected with every transaction.

Enhanced Technology

Our cards all offer EMV (chip card) technology. This provides added payment security for you –  while making it more difficult for fraudsters to create counterfeit cards or steal your data. Unlike magnetic-stripe cards, the chip card creates a unique transaction code with every payment; a code that cannot be used again. While EMV technology cannot fully prevent data breaches, it makes counterfeiting much less likely.

Signature-Based Transactions Are Safer

Visa also offers enhanced (zero liability) protection on all signature-based transactions. This builds enhanced protection against potentially fraudulent transactions – and once you report it, you won’t be responsible if fraud occurs. And since you’re not entering your PIN, you reduce the possibility of someone stealing it.

Card Control Features

For more control over your credit card, take advantage of our Mobile Banking app. You can manage your card transactions and implement security controls, right from your phone.

Mobile Security Features:

  • Lost or stolen card? Deactivate your card with one swipe.
  • Concerned about fraud? Manage merchants, locations, card users and spending amounts.
  • Traveling? Release geographic locations to ensure uninterrupted service.
  • Want to monitor your card daily? Receive notifications and alerts about transactions and fraud alerts.


Have questions about our card choices and security? Call or text us at 616.532.9067 or email