Shopping for a Mortgage?

Buying a home is a big step. So is choosing the right mortgage. If you’re just
getting started, stop in and see our mortgage expert, Ed Ross. He can explain the process and help you to make beneficial comparisons, so you can understand which lender is giving you the best deal.

It’s also helpful to go online to understand your options and compare rates and fees. But keep in mind, any quotes you see (rates, payments, etc.) are only estimates. You’ll need to get an actual figure from the lender, who will typically need to process your application and review your credit report to give you an accurate picture of what your rate and payment will be.

It pays to compare a few lenders but ask for any quotes in writing. This should include your rate, payment amount, and fees or closing costs. Ed will be happy to review these estimates with you – and point out things you may not have considered.

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