Safe, Secure Holiday Shopping Tips

During this pandemic year, we’ve got you covered with sensible shopping tips.

Your First United CU VISA® Credit Card is the sensible choice for your holiday needs – it’s safer, and you avoid the risk of having your cash lost or stolen. But during this pandemic year, there are more reasons to use your Visa Credit Card.

Shop wisely and safely:

  • Shop from home online and avoid the crowds and wait times. No masks required when shopping from home! You can also help prevent the spread of the virus and stay feeling good!
  • Save time and money too. You won’t have to drive to your destination, and you can do all the comparison shopping you need, online, anytime.
  • Enjoy added protection with VISA’s zero liability on purchases.
  • Keep your data safe. We recommend that you never store card information within your online shopping sites, even your favorite ones.
  • Shop on secure websites only; look for https:// in front of the URL. The “s” stands for secure. Also, look for the padlock icon in the browser bar.
  • If something seems suspicious, end the transaction.
  • Use our Mobile app for added control options with your credit card. You can sign up for alerts, turn your card off and on, and monitor card usage.

If you notice something out of the ordinary, call us. We’ll make the necessary follow-ups. If solicited by phone, email, or text, please don’t share any personal information, including credit card or social security numbers. Trustworthy businesses will never need to ask for this information.

If you do experience a lost or stolen card:

Call VISA first and then us at 616.532.9067. We’ll take care of things on our end immediately.

Important numbers:

Lost/Stolen Visa Credit Card:
U.S.  1.800.528.2273
Outside U.S.  812.647.9794

Lost/Stolen Mastercard Debit:
U.S.  1.888.241.2510
Outside U.S.  909.941.1398

This year has been like no other; you can count on us to provide you with safe, secure banking options always come first.