Ready When You Need It!

Post date: 6/1/2021
Availability and special terms subject to change.


Overdraft Protection makes sense any time of year, but it’s helpful when you’re on the go, vacationing, or handling summer expenses.

As a First United Credit Union member, you know the importance of lower fees and services that give you peace of mind. One key service is Overdraft Protection with your Checking Account – ready when you need it.


  • Peace of mind – Checking transactions are covered, with no worry or embarrassment of a declined transaction or returned item fee.
  • Convenient – When funds are needed to cover a check, ACH Debit and/or Debit Card transaction, the money is transferred automatically to your Checking Account.
  • Low-Cost – Per item charges vary by the type of Overdraft Protection plan you choose. But you’ll save incurring returned item fees, which are both costly and embarrassing.
  • Easy – When you open a Checking Account, Overdraft Protection is automatically offered to qualified members.
  • Flexible If you don’t tap into your Overdraft Protection, there’s no charge. It’s ready when you need it!

Choose from three programs:

Standard Overdraft Protection

Qualified members can overdraw their accounts up to $500, which is automatically added to the account as needed. There is a $35 fee each time we pay an overdraft, which covers the following transactions:

  • Checks and other transactions made using a Checking Account number
  • Automatic bill payments/ACH

Extended Overdraft Protection

For added protection, members can authorize and pay overdrafts on their ATM and everyday Debit Card transactions. To qualify, opt-in to Extended Overdraft protection. There is a $35 fee each time we pay an overdraft, which covers the following transactions:

  • ATM withdrawals
  • Everyday debit card transactions (recurring payments are not included)

Transfer from Savings or VISA® Credit Card

Members can also choose to protect their Checking Account with an automatic transfer from their regular Share Account or Visa® Credit Card. The transfer will cover a check, ACH or Bill Pay item, and ATM or Debit Card transaction.


  • It’s convenient An advance from your Share Account or Visa Credit Card will automatically cover an overdraft.
  • It’s cost-effective For a share transfer, the cost is only $10. For a credit card advance, the cost is 3% of each cash advance or $10, whichever is greater. (Compare this to the standard $35 overdraft charge.)
  • It’s flexible Use up to your available share amount or Visa Credit Card limit. You can also opt out at any time.

Learn more about Overdraft Protection here.

To enroll, call or text us at 616.532.9067.