Reach A Savings Goal!

Post date: 3/1/21
Availability and special terms subject to change.


It’s a great complimentary account with any Checking Account. You can use it to save for a particular savings goal and better manage your money.

Five reasons to enroll in
Debit Card Roundup:

  1. Save for a goal. Perhaps it’s a vacation, a home, a new car, or something special just for you. You can save for anything!
  2. Contribute to your favorite charity. Save with every purchase you make. We suggest you send the funds to your preferred charity annually.
  3. Make balancing your account a breeze. Since the figures round up, you don’t have to track all the extra change.
  4. Use the funds to establish an emergency fund. You’ll gain peace of mind and won’t have to worry about how you’ll pay your bills.
  5. Gain peace of mind. You’ll feel confident knowing you’re being proactive with your money and attaining a personal goal.

How Debit Card Roundup works:

When you enroll, all Debit Card transactions are rounded up at the day’s end as one transaction, and the difference is placed into your designated account. How you choose to use the funds is entirely up to you! And you can access the funds at any time.

To get started, email us at or call or text us at 616.532.9067