Signature transactions are safe and smart

“Pen versus Pin”

When you choose “pen” (signing for the transaction) vs. PIN (entering your personal identification number) when paying, you use the credit option to complete the transaction.

Merchants may encourage PIN transactions because their fees are often less than signature transactions – particularly for higher dollar transactions, which are based on a percentage of the sale.

But, a signature (pen) transaction gives you added security.

Our debit card offers greater protection on all signature-based transactions. This means you have zero liability for a potentially fraudulent transaction – and won’t be held responsible if fraud occurs. And since you’re signing, you reduce the possibility of someone stealing your PIN.

Overall, pen transactions are safer, more secure. And through August 31st, you can earn Debit Card Bonus Rewards!*

*Debit Card Bonus Rewards are available during  July and August of 2019. When you use your debit card, you’ll receive 10 cents with every “signature” transaction. Simply use the pen and sign (by selecting the credit option) to complete your transaction. The funds will be deposited into your checking account on the last day of the following month. PIN transactions do not qualify. Other restrictions may apply. Please see the credit union for complete details