Peace Of Mind For Fall

And Credit Card Choices To Accomplish It All! 


It’s that time of year: home improvements, yard cleanup, maybe the last weekend away to enjoy the fall colors. No matter your plans, our credit cards are the reliable, affordable choice for any fall need.

Choose the right card:

  • Visa® Cash-Back Credit Card: Earn 1% cash-back on every purchase.
  • Visa® Platinum Credit Card: A low rate means low monthly payments.
  • Visa® Platinum Rewards Credit Card: Earn one point for every dollar in purchases. The more you spend, the more points you earn!

Get a head start on the holidays.

The holidays never seem to get less expensive. But why compound the issue by using a pricey bank credit card? Turn to us and start saving! Our cards offer a low rate, no annual fee, no balance transfer fees, and a 10-day grace period. Learn more and make the right choice or apply for your card now!

Already a cardholder but need a larger line?

If you anticipate being caught short for upcoming fall and holiday expenses, ask for a larger line. Or, if you’ve carried our card for a while, you may already qualify for a more lucrative line. Apply now or use this handy link to get started.

How about overdraft protection?

You can request to have your card linked to your Checking Account to safeguard transactions. If you make a mistake or are at risk of an overdraft, your credit card will automatically cover it.

  • Peace of mind: Use as overdraft protection with Checking.
  • Convenient: An advance from your Visa Credit Card will automatically cover an overdraft before other protections kick in.
  • Cost-effective: Only a $10 fee per transfer (or advance) will apply. (Compare this to the normal $35 overdraft charge. It’s a big savings!)
  • Secure: Visa for overdraft protection will help you to avoid unwanted charges.
  • Flexible: Use up to your available Visa limit and opt-out at any time.

It’s easy to make your request. Simply email us or call or text 616.532.9067.

Enhanced Technology

Along with savings and flexibility, there is another benefit of carrying a First United Credit Card: EXCELLENT FRAUD PROTECTION. With us, your data stays safe and secure, with layers of technology to safeguard every transaction!

Visa also offers enhanced Zero Liability Protection on all signature-based transactions. This secures you against potentially fraudulent transactions – once you report it, you won’t be responsible if fraud occurs.

Take more control with our Mobile App.

A new feature of our Mobile App lets you manage your credit card using your smartphone. Monitor card transactions, use it as a safety measure when traveling, and implement other security controls.

  • Lost or stolen card? Deactivate your card with one swipe.
  • Concerned about fraud? Manage merchants, locations, card users, and spending amounts.
  • Traveling? Release geographic locations to ensure uninterrupted service.
  • Want to monitor your card daily? Receive notifications and alerts about transactions and fraud alerts.

Learn more here!