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First United Credit Union & North Central Area Credit Union — Forging New Opportunities Together

North Central Area Credit Union (NCACU) and First United Credit Union are excited to announce their intent to partner. The cooperative spirit that is the basis of the credit union philosophy makes the partnership between the two organizations an excellent fit.

First United CU and NCACU have a shared mission of serving their members with innovative financial solutions that better their members’ financial well-being. Key to the partnership, Mark Richter has been serving as CEO for both credit unions: He has been the President and CEO of First United CU since 2010 and the interim President and CEO for NCACU since March 2022. Under Richter’s leadership, the partnership will be a harmonious transition for both organizations.

Together, First United CU and NCACU can forge more financial solutions for members while reinvesting in the areas they serve. Communities range from the Houghton Lake Area to Roscommon, Standish, Grayling, and the Grand Rapids Metropolitan Area, Grandville. Charitable giving will remain a focus, and as partners, the organization will continue to give back and support local initiatives throughout Michigan.


  • First United CU: The credit union’s CEO has been working with NCACU for six months, fostering exciting growth. This strengthened culture will continue with a partnership between the two credit unions allowing for additional growth, more service options, and increased staff availability. Both credit unions also operate under the same core computer system, CU*Answers. Members will gain access to four additional branches in North Central Michigan.
  • North Central Area CU: The credit union’s interim CEO is from First United CU and has been serving NCACU for six months, bringing his expertise and knowledge to the credit union. Since his assistance, the credit union has experienced exciting growth. There will be little to no impact on NCACU staff while the combined organization gains a unique sales and service culture from First United CU. The combined organization can offer more products and services, bring more items in-house, and assist with member service workflows. Members will also gain access to a Grand Rapids service location.

“This is an exciting partnership for our members, staff, and Board of Directors,” reiterates Richter. “Bringing both institutions together will allow us to deliver more services to members and assist in expanding our technologies and improving efficiencies. Members will also benefit from five total locations, business services, business lending, robust mortgage lending services, and more. I’m also excited for staff who will have a tremendous opportunity to grow with a strong and innovative organization with greater potential for advancement. We are incredibly excited!”

Randall Baker, First United CU Board Chairperson, also notes: “First United Credit Union and NCACU are committed to their members and communities. This commitment will only be enhanced through our partnership. We are excited to work with NCACU to serve members throughout Michigan as we forge new opportunities together.”

Steve Witt, NCACU Board President concurs. “We have been thrilled to have Mark Richter serve our credit union as interim CEO these past six months. Now that our two credit unions have shown the intent to partner, and with an extremely talented staff from both organizations, our potential for future growth is unlimited.”

The combined organization will feature six offices across Northern and West Michigan (five member lobbies and one Administration Building). The credit union will also continue serving members through convenient and innovative digital banking solutions.

Upon regulatory approval and a positive member vote from First United Credit Union members, First United Credit Union will partner with North Central Area Credit Union next year.



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