Need Another Financing Option For Spring?

Post date: 1/18/23
Availability and special terms subject to change.


For the homeowner, Home Equity Loans are the perfect choice. Save with fixed rates as low as 6.50% APR*!

Remember, a low fixed rate equals a low monthly payment.

  • Rest easy knowing your payment will never change.
  • Payments are affordable with terms of up to 120
  • The loan is flexible; borrow up to 80% of your home’s value.
  • Save with competitive closing costs.

There’s much to love with home equity financing. You can pay for any purchase or project!

  • Replace your roof or windows.
  • Make your home more spacious: add a bedroom or bath.
  • Enjoy a cozier home and remodel any room.
  • Get new kitchen appliances.
  • Add a pool, deck, or jacuzzi.
  • Buy a car, truck, boat, or RV.
  • Pay for college.
  • Plan a wedding.
  • Consolidate debt.

To apply, visit us online, email, or call or text 616.532.9067.