My Insurance Info

Thank you for choosing First United Credit Union. We’re happy to serve all of your lending needs.

If you recently financed your vehicle with us and received notification about insurance coverage on your vehicle, it means our files do not contain proof of your coverage. (Note: the terms of your loan require you to furnish evidence of physical damage insurance coverage for the vehicle or collateral.)

Insurance coverage will need to meet the following terms:

  • List First United Credit Union as lien holder or loss payee
  • Comprehensive deductible cannot exceed $500
  • Collision deductible cannot exceed $500

You or your insurance agent may furnish proof of insurance in the following ways:

  • Call our Insurance Service Center at 800.998.0763
  • Visit our verification website to submit proof of coverage, attach a scanned image, or check your current insurance status
  • Mail a copy of your current insurance policy to us

Important: If we don’t receive proof of coverage, we may purchase insurance on your behalf.

If you have any questions, please call our Insurance Service Center at 800.998.0763.

At First United, our goal is to serve all of your lending needs. Remember appropriate coverage is a safeguard for you and your family.