Looking For The Perfect Wedding GIFT?

The summer wedding season is in full swing. GreenPath counselor Kathryn Bossler has put together a few tips on how to purchase (or make) a much-appreciated wedding gift:

  • Watch the couple’s registry online and wait for items to go on sale.
  • If it is a family member, consider putting together a cookbook of family recipes or gifting a family heirloom, like a piece of jewelry.
  • Make a keepsake box that the couple can use to store mementos from their special day.
  • If the couple is going out of town, offer to watch their house or keep up their yard.
  • A gift basket with a few homemade treats, or a gift card to a special restaurant, adds a nice personal touch.

“Remember, when you are deciding how much you can afford to spend on a wedding gift, take into consideration the overall cost of the event,” said Bossler. “Will you need a hotel room, airfare, or new clothes?”

So, a little planning and foresight can have you showering family and friends with gifts, while keeping your summer budget in line.

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Source: https://www.greenpath.com/money-saving-for-graduation-and-wedding/