New Account Deposits & Loan Payments 



There will be a service charge when making a deposit or payment online. The service fee amount will be as follows:
$5 fee for transactions $0-499
$10 fee for transactions $500-999
$15 fee for transactions $1000-1499
$20 fee for transactions $1500-2000
This amount will be automatically added.
*After clicking the Make Payment button, please enter your member or Loan Account Number in the Customer ID field.
New Members: You can also make your first deposit by mailing us a check, in our lobby, stopping by a shared branch, using our drop box or through direct deposit.
IMPORTANT: This page is available for you to make your first deposit (to open your account online) and ongoing loan payments. It is not available for other types of deposits. Thank you.


There is a new look coming to our website. More details to come soon!