Is It Time To Review Your Current Checking Account?

Checking fees don’t have to be a way of life – you can avoid fees without giving up the convenience. What are you paying for your current account? Many banks have high minimum balance requirements or limit transactions to avoid service charges. Some even make you pay for debit card access!

The key is to stay educated and aware of what you are paying. Take time to review the features of your current account and calculate any fees. They can add up in a hurry.

Banking Fees You Shouldn’t Have to Pay:

  • Minimum balance requirements
  • Transaction fees on savings accounts
  • Monthly charges on a checking account
  • Transaction fees for debit cards
  • Exorbitant ATM fees
  • Online or Mobile Banking access fees
  • Penalties or fees for paying ahead on loans

But rest assured, at First United CU, our Checking Accounts are not only free but exceptionally convenient.

As a member of First United Credit Union, we can help you to save money on all your banking needs. Stop in for a complimentary review of your current checking account and other financial services. Or take a look at our convenient Checking Account Switch Kit right now at

Most likely, we can save you money now and in the future.