Ideas To Keep Everyone Entertained

The coronavirus shutdown: we’ve never seen anything like it. But like you, staying healthy and protecting those most vulnerable are critical concerns. We’ve temporarily closed our lobby, and we’re taking every measure to keep members, staff, and the community healthy and safe. That said, it’s a challenge staying hunkered down at home, especially with kids.

Here are some go-to ideas for both adults and children.


• Be creative when it comes to cooking. Try some new dishes you normally wouldn’t have the time to prepare.

• Order take-out from your favorite restaurants. Just because you can’t dine in doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a meal “out.” Most local restaurants are offering pick-up and some free delivery. Also consider purchasing gift certificates for future use. You’ll help sustain our local restaurants during this difficult time.

• Buy gift certificates from local merchants. This is a nice idea for future gift-giving (even Christmas) while helping to sustain community businesses today. They need us more than ever!

• Do business with our local farms. Get your fresh produce from area farms and support local meat markets.

• Keep in touch with friends and family. Try Facebook Live, chat on the phone, be consistent in your communication to avoid isolation. Remember to regularly check-in with those who may need you now more than ever. If you did some creative cooking, consider leaving a loved one or neighbor a dish on their porch.

• Exercise. It’s important to stay fit and active. There are online exercise classes, join a Facebook group, try a new workout routine. Also get out for some walks while practicing social distancing.

• Clean and organize. You probably have all the details you need on this one! The CDC recommends that you clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces daily in household common areas (e.g. tables, hard-backed chairs, doorknobs, light switches, remotes, handles, desks, toilets, sinks). Besides deep cleaning, it is also an excellent time to clean some closets and pare down items you’re not using.

• List all the movies or shows you want to watch. A list goes a long way and helps you to stay on track with your binge-watching! See Netflix’s recommendations at Also consider watching some classic sporting events on YouTube.

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• Read some books.
• Have a movie marathon.
• Play board games and card games.
• Do a puzzle.
• Do a craft.
• Color Easter eggs.
• Put on a play.
• Make your own music video.
• Write letters to friends and relatives – even to a local nursing home or to vets serving overseas.
• Have your children help you cook something simple in the kitchen.
• Play outside with parent supervision or go for a bike ride.
• Plant a garden.
• Plant an indoor herb garden (and watch them grow).
• Help with chores and keep a chore chart.


There are also places offering free services in apps and online for kids to learn.

Some ideas: Basho & Friends, GoNoodle, Scholastic, Vooks, Teacher Tap, as well as YouTube and Facebook. Try following teachers who are reading books online and doing live science experiments. There are many ways to keep the kids involved!

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