Home Equity Loans For Spring!

Ready to freshen up your home, plan a project, or eliminate debt…even pay off your current mortgage? We’ve got the perfect solution.

Spring is a wonderful time of year.

It’s also a time when your eyes start noticing needed home improvements, the condition of your car, or mounting debt. There is always something to take care of!

Wondering how to pay for it all?

Let us help with a low-cost home equity loan. The equity you’ve built gives you access to affordable funds.

Home Equity Loans:

  • Rates as low as 2.25% APR*
  • Borrow up to 80% of your home’s LTV (loan-to-value)
  • Use the funds for any need!

More borrowing power:

We offer financing amounts of 80% LTV (loan-to-value). This is the amount of equity available less your first mortgage. This gives you maximum borrowing power so that you can do more with your money.

Calculating your available equity:

$_________ Home’s Appraised Value

x .80 $_________ (80% of appraised value)

– $_________ Less Your Current Mortgage

= $_________ Available Borrowing Amount

Potential tax benefits:

Homeowners may recoup some of the expense at tax time — depending on how they use their home equity funds. According to IRS.gov, home equity interest may still be deductible in 2020 if the home equity proceeds are used only to “buy, build or substantially improve a taxpayer’s home that secures the loan.” (Please consult a tax advisor regarding your situation.)

Take care of all your spring needs. 

Apply here or call us at 616.532.9067 to get started.