Help Your Favorite Teacher


We’re joining the movement to clear Amazon Wish Lists for our local educators. Send us your nomination by September 21, 2022.

Help your favorite teacher #ClearTheList, enabling them to buy much-needed school supplies. We’ll award a minimum of $50 per teacher, with up to five teachers selected. Supplies will be ordered by October 1, 2022.

School budgets seem to shrink every year, with many supplies furnished today by teachers and parents. reports that teachers, on average, spend $795 of their own money annually on school supplies. As a community partner (and parents ourselves), we want to find a meaningful way to help.

Based on a national survey, NewsDirect also reports that “limited school supplies during distance learning negatively impacted students. 55% of students had few or no supplies at home when distance learning began. 65% of teachers said students were less likely to participate during distance learning because they did not have what they needed. 55% said they had students who did not engage with their education last school year at all.”

While frustrating, there is a way we can help.

Amazon’s “Clear the List!”

Currently, Amazon is running its back-to-school “Clear the List” campaign to help teachers fulfill their Amazon Classroom Wish List. It’s a turnkey way to ask for donations while spreading awareness about the lack of school supplies.

Many teachers rely on the Amazon Wish List feature for classroom items. It’s a convenient and turnkey way to keep track of needed items while allowing others to assist. To participate, the teacher’s list must be set to public. Once this is in place, share the Amazon Classroom Wish List on social media and tag @amazon with #ClearTheList.

First United CU is committed to assisting our local teachers and students. This fall, we’ll pay for at least $50 of a nominated teacher’s supplies, up to five teachers. If we receive more than five nominations, we will hold a drawing for five.

Nominate Your Teacher!

Email your nomination to with your teacher’s name, #ClearTheList link, the school and grade they teach, phone number and email address. We will order their supplies by October 1, 2022.

Teachers: Getting Started

Create A Wish List

Teachers can create a Wish List by visiting the “Accounts and Lists” tab in the site, and clicking on “Create a List.” Teachers can organize a list specifically to individual and classroom needs. Once the list is established, go to the three dots on the right to manage the list — customize list settings, including changing the mailing address to the school to eliminate transporting the items.

Add Items

To add items to the Wish List, teachers simply browse Amazon and add items by clicking the dropdown menu “add to list,” located on the bottom of the right-hand sidebar, underneath the “buy now buttons.” Add whatever you need most, such as paper, pens and pencils, bins, carpet, storage solutions, snacks, tissues, and much more.

Share The List

Once the list is created, teachers can share it by pressing the “invite” button at the top left or the “send list” at the top right. Teachers can also send the link directly to parent email addresses if the school permits. When shared, the list will change from private to shared, allowing those with the link to see it. Additionally, setting the list to public allows anyone to donate items to a teacher’s classroom.