Better Days Ahead!

May 11 – July 3, 2020

Take Advantage Of Our $25 Match!

We’re helping members and the community by raising money for restaurants and several local charities affected by COVD-19. Charities include The United Way, Grand Rapids Community Foundation, Hand to Hand, and Kid’s Food Basket.

You can help!

We encourage you to use your First United CU account at local restaurants. When you make a purchase, enter it into the form below. We’ll draw ten winners weekly to receive up to a $25 match in their account, plus we’ll donate an equal amount to the charity they choose.

Three easy steps:

  1. Use your First United CU credit or debit card to pay for your meal at a local restaurant.
  2. Complete your entry form below.
  3. Select the charity you want us to send the $25 match – up to $25 per entry.

Get started.

Fill out the form below. At the end of each week (through July 3, 2020), we’ll have a special drawing from the entries. Ten winners will be drawn weekly. Each will receive up to a $25 match in their account and can select a charity for an additional match.

Working together, we’ll see better days ahead!

For More information on the charities we are helping during these tough times you can click the links below.

United Way

Grand Rapids Community Foundation

Hand 2 Hand

Kids Food Basket