Equity Is Blooming

Post date: 8/1/2021
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Home Equity financing is one of your most versatile financing options. Maybe you need to update your home before winter, make a major purchase, or consolidate debt. And with school just around the corner, you can use the funds for back-to-school shopping!

How it works:

With home equity financing, your home serves as collateral, giving you an excellent rate and a low monthly payment. So along with its many uses, you’ll save money.

There’s another reason to consider this option:

On average, homeowners gained $26,300 in equity in 2020.* That means more cash access for you!

If you’ve been debating whether this is a good option for you, more than likely, your equity has increased for more borrowing power. For help, call us at 616.532.9067. We can discuss your options and whether this is a good fit for you.

*According to a new report from CoreLogic, homeowners with a mortgage saw their equity increase by a total of $1.5 trillion from the fourth quarter of 2019 to the fourth quarter of 2020.