Earth Day


Earth Day is coming on Friday, April 22, 2022. To celebrate, we invite you to go paperless with Mobile Banking, eStatements, eNotifications, Direct Deposit, and Bill Pay. It’s our way of helping you save time and money — and for you to #InvestInOurPlanet.

Take advantage of all our remote banking services and reduce your carbon footprint!

  • Mobile & Online Banking will save you time and money.
    Earth Day reminds us of better ways of doing business. Don’t waste time, money — or gas — getting somewhere to take care of financial transactions! Bank 24/7 by the convenience of your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Take care of all your transactions, open accounts, and apply for loans.
    If you prefer using your phone, our Mobile App is perfect. And you choose how to access the app: by PIN, fingerprint, voice, or face recognition. Enjoy the convenience and extra security!
  • Online Access lets you open accounts, track balances, apply for loans, and manage your money more efficiently.
    We recently expanded our online capabilities to include digital account opening and the ability to close loans remotely. With safe and secure eSignatures, close your loans and sign the paperwork for your new accounts. Complete the transaction from beginning to end, right from the comforts of home! All this saves time.
    But the bigger effects are a reduction of paper use, fuel, mail time, and more — and a way to #InvestInOurPlanet.
  • eStatements will reduce your paper waste and clutter.
    With eStatements, you receive your information sooner and reduce the amount of paper you consume. They’re also a perfect way to commemorate Earth Day! eStatements are available to view online 24/7 within Online or Mobile Banking. You can view up to 18 months of statement history with a few simple swipes. Plus, you avoid a paper statement fee.
  • Direct Deposit eliminates the worry of a missing paycheck.
    Another way to celebrate Earth Day is to enroll in Direct Deposit. You’ll receive your pay faster than a paper check, safely, without the worry of a lost or stolen check. It’s also an excellent way to prevent identity theft.
  • Bill Pay lets you pay anyone without writing a check!
    There’s more to life than spending time writing checks and getting bills out in the mail on time. Sign up for our free Bill Pay. Better for the environment, you eliminate paper checks, stamps, and no fuel to deliver your payment. Set up recurring payments to any vendor or make one-time-only payments. You can also control when payments are sent and receive alerts when payments are coming due.
  • Virtual StrongBox eliminates the need for paper receipts and keeps your data safe.
    This safe and secure platform is located within Online Banking and allows us to store your virtual receipts and other credit union documents. It keeps your data safe and secure and eliminates the need for paper receipts. You can also store other receipts in your Virtual StrongBox for added security and better organization.

Ready to get started?

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Join over 1 billion participants around the world and take action on April 22nd.