Dreaming Of The Perfect Vacation?

COVID-19 has put a halt to a lot of our plans, including international travel. But that doesn’t mean vacations will be a thing of the past. Why not plan something special for next year? With our Vacation Club, you can set aside a bit each pay period toward your dream vacation or annual getaway.

Sign Up Today!

Save for a unique vacation or family getaway with a convenient Vacation Club Account. Simply set aside the amount you wish to deposit regularly, either by payroll deduction or depositing by mail, in person, or by automatic transfer from another credit union account. Your funds will be available for your special trip every June.

If you Decide Not To Travel?

No worries! With everything that’s happening in the world, it’s your decision. The good news is that your Vacation Club funds can be used for anything. So, rest easy and start saving. If you decide to use the money for something else, that’s entirely up to you!

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