Overdraft Privilege

Prevent Accidental Overdrafts

Enjoy peace of mind with our convenient Overdraft Privilege options. Your checking transactions will be protected in case of an accidental overdraft – and a check or transaction paid without hassle.

Overdraft Privilege

For accounts in good standing, we provide a $500 limit to protect against accidental overdrafts with your checking account. Payments will be covered, allowing you to take your account negative temporarily. Items will not be returned and your payments covered for a fee of $35 each. This is set up automatically after 90 days of membership. This privilege can be opted out of by members that do not wish to have overdrafts occur in their account which will then deny the transactions.

Automatic Transfers

We offer automatic transfers between existing accounts to protect against an overdraft. Each transaction is covered for a fee of $10. The transfers happen automatically, but you will need to request activation of the service.

ATM/Debit Card Protection

We offer ATM/Debit Card Overdraft Privilege enabling daily (or one-time) transactions to be paid for a fee of $30 each. This gives you the convenience to have a transaction paid, even if funds are not available. You will need to request the service. If you choose not to opt-in, transactions would decline.