Cell Phone Safety Tips

If you love your smartphone, you’re probably on it frequently, whether it’s for email, text messages, or social media. And if you’re like many of our members, you love banking on your phone! Frankly, for most of us, smartphones have become a convenience we can’t live without.

With the amount of time we spend on our phones, it pays to keep your data safe. So, take extra care:

  • Keep your phone locked. This is one of the easiest ways to protect your phone should it fall into someone else’s hands. Use a complex code or password only you know. Try for a longer password, using a combination of letters and symbols.
  • Update your operating system. This will ensure all systems are current and the latest security protections in place.
  • Be careful of the apps you download. Only access reliable apps from sources you trust. (For iPhones, use the App Store and for Android users, use sources such as Google Play.)
  • Steer clear of hotspots. Criminals surf public Wi-Fi connections and can capture data from unwary users.
  • Think before you geotag. We all love social media sites, but if you’re not careful, sharing certain information, such as your location, may put your data at risk.
  • Monitor your phone. Take advantage of apps that can track your phone’s location, recover your phone, lock it, or wipe it clean remotely.
  • Reject texts from those individuals you don’t recognize. Always make sure you know the sender before you accept any message.
  • Back up your phone regularly. Transfer data to a secure computer or cloud storage. If you lose your phone or if it’s stolen or damaged, you’ll still have the information.
  • Dispose of your old device carefully. Remove the memory card, restore factory settings, and delete all personal information from your phone.

At First United CU, we’re here to help you keep your data (and phone!) safe and secure.