A Stronger, Better Credit Union Awaits!

Special Merger Announcement

Based on positive feedback — and recent approval from the State of Michigan and National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) — we’re moving ahead with our intent to partner with North Central Area Credit Union, a strong and growing credit union headquartered in Houghton Lake, Michigan. All that awaits is a positive vote from our membership.

We’re excited for this opportunity to become one credit union, offering a match of cultural values and enhanced service and talents. These positive attributes will enable us to serve you in new and exciting ways and leverage our abilities to the fullest — which will benefit everyone. Equally important, both organizations are healthy and in a prime position to merge.

We’re thrilled to move forward with this opportunity!

The next step is for members to vote for and approve the merger — and we’re asking you to vote yes. Following approval, the merger could be completed as early as July 2023.

If you haven’t yet, please vote yes!

All Primary Members who joined prior to April 1, 2023, are eligible to vote.

  • A paper ballot should have arrived at your home in early April. It included an envelope for easy return.
  • Ballots are also available in our lobby if needed. Please mail your ballot before the May 23, 2023, deadline.
  • In addition, primary members can vote at our Annual Meeting on May 23, 2023.  

Note: Joint members are not eligible to vote. Primary Members: your last paper ballot submitted will be the only one to qualify.

Voting Deadline: All ballots received, either by mail or at our Annual Meeting, will be counted on May 23, 2023. Voting will then be closed.

Look forward to new branding:

Upon your approval, we will complete the merger process and officially join forces with North Central Area Credit Union, with the formal change occurring as early as July. Both credit unions will unite into a single, strong entity, resulting in a $230 million organization serving more than 20,000 members.

Our name will become “NCACU, a division of North Central Area Credit Union.” We are designing a new logo to mesh NCACU and our “First United vibe.” It will take time for the logo to be fully replaced in our Grandville office and northern Michigan locations. Transitioning to NCACU will be a careful process and occur at varying times throughout all areas.

We ask for your patience as we shift to our new branding. In the Grandville office, you may also see some bare signage or other renovations. So, please pardon our dust!

Upon merging with NCACU, our bylaws will formally change to those of NCACU, and in turn, you will be issued new disclosures for various products. As we combine the organizations, some fees or balance requirements may adjust for consistency, or certain products may merge. Our social media presence will also shift to NCACU.

Rest easy: There will be no hardship to you, our members, during this transition. With any changes that occur, we’ll work hard to ensure they work in your favor.

We look forward to all the positives of a combined organization. You’ll see new and enhanced products and services with more services brought in-house. Plus, you’ll gain access to four additional branches in North Central Michigan!

Rest assured: 

Under the NCACU name, our unique First United CU service culture will continue, and I (Mark Richter) will remain CEO of the combined credit union. We will take great care with this new partnership, and your accounts will remain safe and secure.

There will be no impact at the local level — with no loss of jobs.

Both credit unions are financially strong and healthy — and will become even more vital as one organization. We’ll gain a collaboration of efforts, talents, and systems with greater efficacy at all levels, providing new opportunities for members and staff.

To reiterate:

Our commitment to the Grand Rapids community will not waver, no jobs will be lost, and the merger will be a win-win for all concerned!

We’re honored that you have chosen us as your financial institution, and our mission remains the same — providing you with the best financial options in our area.

Again, we encourage you to vote yes to this exciting opportunity. Please see our website’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) if you have questions.

Kind Regards,
Mark Richter
President & CEO