“Super Non-Lease”

Our Super Non-Lease works like a lease, only better. In reality, it’s a balloon loan, featuring a 24- or 36- month term. When we approve your loan, we’ll determine a ‘residual value’ or what the vehicle is worth once your term is complete. The amount due at the term’s end is equal to its residual value.

Like a lease, at the term’s end you will have several options:

  • Simply walk away from the vehicle with nothing further owed;
  • Pay off or refinance the balloon amount and keep the vehicle; or,
  • You can sell the vehicle, pay off the balloon amount, and make a profit.


The major difference? With our Super Non-Lease, you remain the titled owner, not the leasing company. Sales tax is also paid up front.

For members who prefer a low payment.

It’s ideal if you’re payment sensitive rather than rate driven, and prefer a shorter time commitment than a traditional term loan. You can also finance both new and used vehicles with our Super Non-Lease, as opposed to a lease that is available typically for new cars only.

Convenient payment options:
  • Online with It’sMe247
  • Mobile Banking
  • In Person, by Phone, or Mail
  • At any Shared Branch Location
  • CU*Talk Telephone Banking
  • Payroll Deduction or Automatic Transfers

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